Days 14 & 15

My father went into the hospital two nights ago, and he has pneumonia.  He'll probably be there at least through the weekend, and then will need some looking after when he gets home.  I can't do this, and do that.  My loved ones come first.  Not to mention we are leaving for Nepal again in just over two weeks.  I need to both literally and figuratively get my house in order before then.
So here are two more paintings.  I have one and a half more in the wings because I painted ahead and painted two in one day a couple of times.  But as soon as I let myself off the hook, I'll probably be dying to paint.  You know how that goes.

Day 14:  Coffee With Laura (and a view) I exercised artistic license and left out the so-called Ugly Buddha statue that was appearing to rise out of my coffee cup. During our visit to Swayambhunath, Laura Bowman and I found a tiny cafe off the square and had a cup of coffee together.  (Click on her name, and listen to her music. You owe it to yoursel…

Day 13: Eyes of the Buddha

I borrowed this image from a tapestry I saw in a shop in Kathmandu.  It's also a title for a new Fred Gillen Jr song.  This piece is a departure for me.  The photos that I took in Nepal are mostly too complex to paint, and I'm getting frustrated.  Many are of people, too, which I have a very hard time capturing.  I may just try a really loose, sort of abstract painting today (it's already 11:30am, and I haven't finished yesterday's, or started one today.)  I have not studied non-representational painting and composition, so bear with me, please.  This 30x30 will be inspired by Nepal, not strictly OF Nepal, I guess.

Day 12: May Peace Prevail

I've always loved prayer flags, which we saw all over Nepal.  The first time I tried to paint an abstract painting, my son said, "Nice try Mom, but I can still tell they're prayer flags."  Andy has always kept me honest.  I think he was the first one to give me a set of them. Fred and I hung them above the entrance to our beloved first home together on Pomeroy Street in Peekskill.  My daughter Jane glanced up at them, then back at me, and said, "Damn hippies."  Jane has never minced words either.
This title comes from a new song by my husband, Fred Gillen Jr.

And here's this.  <3  It's a universal thing.

Day 11: Tiny Dancer

I know, the title is corny, but it stuck.
This little girl, whose face I just couldn't quite capture, was clearly the leader, the ringer, in the dances that the preschoolers performed for us at the Bal Kendra School. Click on "About" to read their mission.  If you scroll through the photos, you can see the murals we helped paint there (with resident artist Rinzing) as well as the beautiful murals that have been added since we left!
Bal Kendra is a colorful, warm, inviting place.  I can't wait to return.

Days 9 & 10

Day 10:  Temple Cat Day 10, 30x30, one third done, woohoo!!
It just occurred to me today that since I've painted ahead and doubled up a couple of times that I can post in the morning, instead of waiting until the evening when I'm too damn tired. I need to establish a practice, a habit, of getting out to my studio EARLY.  That's when I'm most productive.  But I still enjoy not having to get up early and rush off to work, which is what having to produce a painting every day feels like right now.  Last night I had a teaching nightmare.  Three years out, still?  Really?  It involved not having had coffee, being late for work, and unprepared.  Teacher friends, you know what I'm talking about.
Yesterday I started a more fun, decorative piece.  That one will be up around the 13th. hard to establish, so easy to break.

I was SO tempted to call this one Temple Tabby.  Too corny...?  I took this photo in the courtyard of the Golden Temple.  There were ma…

Day 8: Little Altars Everywhere

And there were.  They are shrines, actually, but I liked the title.

...and temples, beautiful temples....this is Swayambhu.  We climbed the 365 steps and enjoyed an amazing visit, and an incredible view of the city.

Days 3-7

Trying to get caught up...and I just realized that I never actually said that what I'm doing this time around is painting from photographs that I took while in Nepal in November.  I got to go along on a tour with my husband, Fred Gillen Jr, and eco-activist-musicians James Dean Conklin, Andy Mattina, Laura Bowman, and photographer extraordinaire Jim Metzger.  We are called The Greenheart.
I have been posting daily on the 30 in 30 website, but it's too hard to find our paintings among the hundreds who post there, so I'll try to keep up here.
There is so much to say about each of the photographs that lead to the paintings.  I'm still at a loss for words when someone asks me, "How was your trip?"  I guess it was like what I tried to capture in the photographs I took: colorful, beautiful, and complex.

Day 7:  Offering I took this photo at the Golden Temple.  It is a brass bowl filled with marigolds, chrysanthemums, and poinsettias, which grow all around Kathmandu…